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About Young Jewels Foundation

Young Jewels Foundation is a charity based organization whose main objective is to enhance academic performance in remote and rural areas through acts of kindness. We provide mentorship programs (Proudly Precious for the girl child and MAN-Date for the boy child.), motivational talks, academic materials e.g. trophies and student excellence badges to enhance academic performances in schools.

As part of our strategy, the Foundation provides talks on adolescent health, personal hygiene, the use and disposal of sanitary towels, organize sports days and provide sports gears for schools.

The Foundation was begun informally in 2007 by Ms Dinah Muthuka after visiting her rural home and realizing the lack of motivation and determination in education among students and the community at large. It was officially registered in 2011 under the NGO Act. Since then Young Jewels has continually supported more than 1500 students around the country with its various programs.

Project Background

Whereas the urban student has a conducive studying environment, the rural student has over time been expected to perform equally as good. Academic performance in remote areas is highly affected by the lack of basic facilities such as equipped libraries, sanitary towels, lack of mentorship programs, ICT and resource centers which are prominent in urban areas. The availabilities of such facilities put the urban based student at a more advantaged position than their counterpart in the rural areas. The lack of these facilities is a great contributor to the poor performance in rural schools in National Examinations.

Girls’ school attendance and performance is adversely affected by the lack of sanitary towels. Due to poverty many girls in slum and rural areas are not able to afford them hence are forced to stay out of school due to fear of embarrassment. Some are forced to using tissues, rags or cow dung endangering their reproductive health. Some exchange sexual favors to get these basic needs. There is need to create awareness that absenteeism in class due menses affect students performances. For instant a girl absent from school due to menses for 4 days in a month loses 12 learning days approximated to 2 weeks of learning in every school term (3months). In a year (3terms) a girl will loses 36 learning days approximate to 6 weeks of learning time. This is equivalent to 18 learning weeks if the girl began her menses in class 6. This is a clear indication that a girl child is out of school while still assumed to be in school.

The foundation objective is to assist in achieving Education for All (EFA) Goals, Gender Parity by 2015 and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Project Strategies

The foundation uses the following strategies as a means to achieve their goals:

  • Behaviour change Campaigns.
  • Mentorship programs and Group discussions.
  • Networking with other agencies offering similar support and with similar objectives.
  • Resource mobilization of materials, knowledge and skills to schools.
  • Conducting of sports to enhance team work.

The Future of a Nation is in the

Hearts and Minds of its Children

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